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How to join.  What is expected of the singers.  Fees.

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Here you will find answers to your basic questions about the Amabile Choir of Bainbridge Island

Photo credit: Paul Brians

Photo credit: Paul Brians

how to become a member

Interested singers may contact our director, Sylvia Cauter, at this email,  Singers should be prepared to sight- read a short melody, tonal memory- the director will play 3-5 notes and the singer will sing them back, plus they should have a short song prepared (folk song, hymn...) 



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what's the Commitment?

We traditionally present two programs a year, with a Friday evening performance and Saturday afternoon and evening concerts.  We begin rehearsing in September for a holiday program performed in the first part of December.  In January/February, we begin rehearsals for a second program presented in late April or early May.

Regular rehearsals are held weekly on Tuesday evenings from 7:15 to 9:30 at St. Barnabas Episcopal Church on Bainbridge Island with occasional voice part sectionals scheduled just before rehearsals, at the discretion of the conductor. Additional rehearsals may be scheduled as concerts approach, when deemed necessary by the conductor.

Choir members are expected to attend most, if not all, of the scheduled rehearsals, although it is understood that circumstances may at times prevent a member from attending. It is preferred that a member not miss more than two or three rehearsals during a fall or spring session and that he or she contact the conductor in advance, where possible, about any absences. 


Photo credit: Paul Brians

Photo credit: Paul Brians

what else is expected?

The Amabile Choir depends on its members for the majority of ticket sales, and concerts generally sell out due to the enthusiastic following for the Choir and excited Choir members selling tickets to family and friends.  Several weeks before concert dates, members are given tickets to sell along with instructions for selling the tickets and turning in the money and returning unsold tickets.

A membership fee is $75 per fall and spring session covers, along with ticket sale proceeds, the cost of music, advertisements, payment for musicians performing with the Choir, compensation for the conductor and other costs of running the organization. Scholarships are available for some or all of this fee, depending upon need.  

Other than the conductor and musicians hired for performances, the organization is entirely volunteer.   Members are encouraged to participate in aspects of the organization that suit their interests and skills, with committees existing for marketing, coordination of ticket sales, working on the website and other necessary tasks.   

Members are responsible for their own performance attire and purchasing black music folders used for concerts.

The Choir typically goes out for well-deserved food, fun and conversation after the Saturday evening concert.